• Incorporating Digital Literacy into University Curricula

    I wanted to pitch a session idea that would be a discussion around around working digital literacy (which I know is in itself a possibly problematic term) into university curricula, both graduate and undergraduate.

    How should we approach this? Do separate courses make sense (i.e. ‘Digital Literacy’ for history, or for second year students)? Should we try to incorporate it across the spectrum, throughout departmental course offerings? How can we overcome departmental, institutional, and even cultural (i.e. the ‘digital native’) barriers? It would be also great to bring in hands-on experience from instructors with using technology in classroom, i.e. collaborative Google Docs, blogs, twitter feeds, etc.

    I’d see this as a discussion with the hopeful end-goal of us all having a sense of some best practices out there in the field, how to approach our own departments/faculties/etc., and a sense of some possible ways forward.

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  1. akriesberg says:

    I’d be interested in this session, especially the debate for having these skills taught by themselves vs. as part of a broader pedagogical approach. My sense is that well-meaning librarians might develop a great literacy course, but if profs in other classrooms are not reinforcing the importance of these skills students will not have the kind of literacy I think you are talking about.

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